The National Health Strategy is aligned to the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and is designed to transform health services in Qatar to support both the physical and psychological wellbeing of the population.

Qatar has been a persistent supporter of international sports with the 2006 Asian Games, 2011 AFC Asian Cup & 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships all having took place in Doha. It is also due to host the FIFA Men’s World Cup in 2022.

Places To Visit

Aspetar Sports Hospital

Widely regarded as being the world’s leading sports hospital, Aspetar was opened in 2007 with the aim of assisting athletes to achieve their maximum performance and full potential. Athletes to have been treated here include Neymar, Mohammad Farah, Amir Khan and Sam Warburton.

Education City Mosque

Known for its futuristic design, Education City Mosque has the capacity to hold 1,800 worshippers in its main prayer hall alone and has minarets which spiral deep into the Doha sky. Representing the five pillars of Islam, the mosque rests on five main structural columns.

Katara Cultural Village

The Katara cultural complex is built to fuse technology with Qatari heritage and tradition. Features of the village include an open-top amphitheater, opera house, cinema and beach, along with a selection of fine, international cuisines.

Museum of Islamic Art

Built on a stand-alone island, the Museum of Islamic Art contains artwork from across 3 continents, spanning over 1,400 years. With a rolling program of courses, workshops and lectures, the museum is a must-see for those seeking to find out about Islamic history.

National Museum of Qatar

Inspired by Arabia’s historic desert rose, the National Museum of Qatar has 11 chronologically arranged galleries, separating into 3 divisions: Qatari Beginnings, Life in Qatar and The Modern History of Qatar.

Qatar National Library

With a 1,500,000-book collection and a museum comprising classical manuscripts and historical books, the Qatar National Library is amongst the largest and most sophisticated in the world. Facilities here include conference rooms, music studios, 3D printers, a cafe and a restaurant.