QCHP is the statutory authority in Qatar regulating licensure for all healthcare professionals and is part of the Supreme Council of Health (SCH).

The process for licensing starts in the home country before commencement.

Allow at least one month to complete Dataflow and application for evaluation prior to arrival in Qatar (Stage 1). There is a requirement to have completed Stage 1 before arrival in Doha.

A credentialing / verification process is undertaken by employer prior to arrival in Qatar. This is the process of verifying qualifications and does not mean you have a license. It does however allow you to practice provisionally till you get your license from QCHP.

Note: requirements can change.


The application is done electronically and should be started prior to arrival in Qatar. A user account will need to be created at the QCHP website.

At the same time as registering with QCHP, register with Dataflow, a service which undertakes the primary source verification of qualifications and work experience. This allows completion of the initial QCHP application for evaluation.

There is no requirement for any examinations.

Key Points

There are some key aspects to the process:


Evaluation process includes applying for verification and is done once only. Verification is done by an external company “Dataflow”. Cost will be QAR 880 (at present rates) for 2 degrees, 1 license and 5 years’ work history check; extra for more degrees or multiple work sites. QCHP will evaluate the application whilst Dataflow completes the verification process. Evaluation must be completed before arrival in Qatar and is valid for 6 months.


License to practice is obtained once you arrive in Qatar. You need to have been successfully evaluated and also have the Dataflow verification report. A license is valid for 2 years; needs Qatari police clearance; blood tests (6 months validity), CXR (within last year); valid CPR courses, certificate of good standing from your home medical board.


Costs will be for Dataflow only.


Below is a list of the documents you will need to upload electronically to start the evaluation process for REGISTRATION. Please ensure you have attested documents from your home country.

1 | Copy of Valid Passport.

2 | Copy of Valid QID (once available – not necessary for Dataflow or Stage 1).

3 | One recent photo passport size (white background).

4 | Curriculum Vitae.

5 | Copy of all academic certificates. Any documents presented in languages other than Arabic or English must be translated to English and attached to a copy of the original documents. As a minimum you need your basic medical degree, your Membership/Fellowship and CCT (or JCGPT certificate) if applicable.

6 | Copy of work experience certificates for past 5 years.

7 | Copy of valid medical/registration license from home country or medical/registration licenses accompanying the 5 years of work experience, plus arrange for letter of good standing to be sent to QCHP from home licensing body.

8 | Copy of proof of submission to the verification company (copy of verification report payment receipt).

9 | Copy of the passing certificate of qualifying specialist exam, if applicable.

10 | Home country police clearance certificate (dated within 6 months).